The purpose of this page is to encourage conversation and hopefully give some information to the folks we represent, those dealing with the anxiety of encountering one of the most stressful life events they can possible encounter, a Delaware Divorce, a Delaware Child Custody Case or a Delaware Protection from Abuse Case.  This process is made more difficult by the fact that Family Law like alll law has its own unique language. Terms get tossed around as if everyone should know them. For example, "Two List Method", where there is an article below, Now if you feel there is a useful topic and wish me to write  about it, feel free to make a request . This does not mean I will write about it as frankly  time does not permit me to do as much as I would like, but I will consider it.

The one rule I wish to make clear is I want the communications to be civil. Certain sorts of personal disparaging comments such this Judge is biased against you will not become a part of this blog or this lawyer is an " expletive deleted". The reason is simple, comments without a  basis that can be proven such as a Judge is personally biased against you can be unethical. Second, I do not believe the same is true. I have found that while  Delaware Family Court Judges make their decisions based upon  the evidence presented. For example while the individual judge may have tendencies and a manner of doing things, that does not mean they will not listen to the evidence and apply the law. That is not to say Judge's never makes mistakes and do not hold personal likes and  dislikes. Of course they do. All people do and Judges are people (as are attorneys).  Many judges often even for example at pretrial conferences give some insights as to how they view cases. That does not mean they are biased. Rather, the reason that this is done is Judges are trying to save the respective litigants monies in attorney's fees. This does not mean they will always make the sort of decision precisely as indicated as the evidence may not support that. However, that does not mean the Judge's leanings should be ignored. The third and perhaps most important reason, I do not want disparaging comments on the blogs is it has been my 30 years of experience in Family Law that such comments are not helpful for one to obtain a desired goal and detract a lawyer from helping their client. Often they are a sign that the litigant has given up even to the extent of failing to tell the court or their own attorney an important fact.. Having said all of that if you have a Delaware Family Law Topic or comment or article feel free to email me at with the same.



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