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I have been a delaware family law attorney for years. One promise, I will make you when you meet me for an initial consultation, you will leave knowing a lot more to do about how to address your delaware divorce, custody case, delaware pfa, your child custody, your child support, your alimony situation in Delaware Family Court, at a settlement table or with your spouse or other parent directly better than when you came in. I apply my over 30 years of legal experience at the initial consultation to "tell it like it is." The reason is simple. I want you not to live in a delaware family lawyer's office (even mine)  or Delaware Family Court or to be victim, even an innocent one. All that does is help a lawyer. Rather, I want you to return to or become the Captain of your ship called "Your Life" and I view myself as a navigator as to how to best achieve this goal. Would you want a navigator to give you directions into Hurricane? No!

How do this. I act in your interest. I ask good questions and gather information to build your case as best possible from our first meeting to navigate the rough seas of Delaware Family Court and Delaware Family Law. Now, I understand that you are upset and you should not expect yourself to have all of the documents or all of the information to address your Delaware Family Law issue at an initial appointment. Almost nobody does. Rather, you should learn what information you need to acquire so that you can assist yourself and make your lawyer's fees less expensive. Now if you run into an issue or cannot for any reason I get the information.

One thing I can say, it is never a sign of weakness to ask for help and the only bad questions are those that are not asked. Rather, it is a sign of strength to ask fro help as it gets you on the road to address you Delaware Family Law issue. Call me at (302) 655-0900 or email me at garyspritz@garyspritz.com and take the second step (as the first step was clicking on my site.

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