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​​​​Delaware Child Support.

     In Delaware, both parents have to support their child until the child is 18 years of age, or if the child is still in high school until the earlier of the child's graduation from high school or 19th birthday, Unless it is contractually agreed upon by both parties, there is no obligation to support a child through college. Child support is based upon the income or earning capacities of the parties using guidelines called the Melson Formula, The Delaware Family Court considers child care expenses when the care expenses are necessary for a party to work and expended and in some situations, private school expenses. The formula also takes into account the amount of child visitation the mother or father has, the amount of health insurance expense attributable solely to the child, other children supported,  Medical expenses are divided based upon the Mother and Father's income.

   The issues that typically arise in child support cases are:
           1) the income or earning capacity of the Mother or Father where they are underemployed or unemployed by their own choice or fault;
           2) determining the income of the mother or father with their own business;

           3) whether or not to include the cost of catholic or private school;
           4) collection of past owed support;
           5) modification of child support because of change in job or custody;
           6) revocation of child support; and
           7) license suspensions.

    Certain Papers help the Family Court Determine Child Support. They are Pay Stubs, Tax Returns and Receipts for Child Care.

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