High asset or High Net Worth Delaware Divorces involve assets that often require a special level of attention. They often involve business which create both the source of wealth and potential for growth as well as the income generation necessary to sustain a lifestyle. Dividing the same can involve sophisticated business evaluations, determining what part if any premarital asset is marital, what part if any of an inheritance is marital and the ability to understand and work with CPAs, investment counselor, appraisers  to maximize your asset and income after the Delaware Divorce Proceedings are over. Your lawyer may need to know the nuances of how your career or business is likely to change or requires certain lifestyle choices, how to use counseling and mediation as tools to resolve your matters quicker.

What you want is a Delaware Divorce Lawyer who is financially literate and accustomed to working with accounting and financial documents, who will readily hire experts such as accountant financial advisers, appraisers, custody psychologists and counselors and mediations, and ask them difficult questions, whether they be your expert, your spouses or neutrals.  There may even be the possibility for a more collaberative approach to divorce or mediation.

For example for Business Appraisals in Delaware there are different methods of valuation. In a business the goodwill portion of a business is not always marital property. You need a Delaware Family Lawyer that thinks out a position and is not so intimidated by you to tell you that your own position is not in your own best interests. For example there have been clients who wanted payments categorized as child support even though categorizing them as alimony renders them deductible. Also you need a lawyer which can take into account when the trigger tax laws have a significant  effect as well as when they do not.

If you are not the high wage earner in your marriage you need a Delaware high asset divorce lawyer that does not allow your position to suffer because the other side will try to "outspend you into submission". One way to do this is to focus clients on the larger financial issues rather than expend resources on those less likely to lead to valuable assets or income or to make an overall difference to a post divorce lifestyle. You need that lawyer to understand how and when Delaware courts divides insurance policies so that your position is protected in the event of the ex's death. 

Lastly, you need a Delaware Divorce Lawyer that is not so interested in your case as a $ sign that they lose sight that all divorces have an emotional aspect for you, your spouse and children and that your and your spouses fortunate economic situation still benefit from  timely, efficient, practical , economical and thoughtful legal advice. Your fortunate economic circumstances should be a reason for a quicker, better solution for you and your family. Your good fortune should never be a reason to "stir the pot". Your spouse may want to, but you need not to take the bait. As this can lead to a longer  more painful divorce process and more stress to you, your children and even your ex spouse. It may lead to more fees for the attorney, but that it not fair, Your good fortune should be used for  the betterment of you and yours, not themselves.  This I can promise you my client's interests come first and  the saying "a stitch in time saves nine" applies to you as well.

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