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Delaware Divorce Lawyer Gary Spritz

As a practical matter, you are going through one of the most stressful times that a person encounters in life, a Divorce. It has gotten to the point, where you are about to call a lawyer. This page is devoted to the first call and things you may want to know about  that first call to Divorce Lawyers in Delaware.

     The first thing you should expect from calling any of the ethical Divorce Lawyers in Delaware is for them to ask for your name and then name of your spouse. An attorney or his secretary or paralegal typically does this to determine whether this is a conflict of interest even before they answer questions.  Do not be upset. This ensures confidentiality. Now you may want to ask one question, even before this and the attorney may want to set up an appointment to do this even before providing information. Do not be alarmed as it is merely a safe way to ensure that confidentiality of your information and any legal advice remains private. Now you may have  good questions, which do not  involve confidentiality. Here are some examples:

1. How much is an initial consultation meeting? 

2. How long is an initial consultation meeting?

3. Where is your office?

4. How many years have you been a Divorce Lawyer?

5. What are your hours and days when you do appointments?

6. How many cases have you handled?

     For each of the above questions, I will provide the answer.

1. I typically charge a small fee $25 for an initial consultation. Sometimes it is more. Sometimes it is less. The reason I do this is choosing a divorce lawyer is  a personal matter. The best lawyer for your friend may be the sort of lawyer that is not best for you just because of a personal comfort level. However, the information I provide is at these meetings is valuable. It is beyond telling you what my initial retainer is. Is the information less than the attorney who charges an hour of his time ? No. It is simply a philosophy of practice as there is more than one Divorce Lawyers in Delaware who are qualified. I pride myself on accurate, prompt advice based on years of experience in Delaware Family Law, thirty and counting. 

2. An initial appointment typically takes between 20 minutes to an hour or longer. I strive to get to the bottom line quickly with all relevant information.

3. It is in  Concord Plaza,  in Talleyville Delaware which is convenient to Wilmington, Newark, Hockessin and all areas of New Castle County, Delaware. 

4. For thirty (30) years and counting (since 1985)

5. I try to make it convenient for folks and there are times when I will meet later than 5 p.m.  or before 9 a,m. or weekends  when it is necessary.

6. I do not know as it has been so many. Personally, I would treasure an attorney who cannot answer this as it says they have handled enough cases that they cannot measure.Call me Gary R. Spritz at (302) 655-0900 for an appointment or email me at garyspritz@garyspritz.com.