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The above is a sample expense form which is used by Delaware Family Courts in Delaware Alimony cases and Delaware Property Division cases. It is a page in the 16c financial report.  Expenses are calculated on a monthly basis. However, here are some tips to make this a little easier. Groceries  and Gasoline for your car are typically purchased weekly. Take the weekly amount of the gasoline expense and multiply it by 4.33  this makes it a monthly. Clothes are often bought seasonally or every 4 months. So then divide the typical seasonal purchase by 4. Another tip is that after this is done add all these up and then take your net pay and convert it to a monthly and if every month you find yourself "robbing Peter to pay Paul" or going further into credit card debt, and the total of the expenses is less than your net monthly income,  there is a good chance you forgot something. Go over each category of expense again..  One thing I see that is typically forgotten is health insurance. The reason it is forgotten is it is often paid out of your pay stub. Now for that, take the heath insurance dental insurance and vision insurance if you have these and add them and then convert it to a monthly. If you are paid biweekly and have 26 pays a year and on some months you have 3 pays then multiply the biweekly figure by 2.166 and this makes it a monthly. Another item that is often missed are life insurance and disability insurances that are paid through work. These can be taken from you paystibe and converted to a monthly by multiplying by 4.33 if you are paid weekly and 2.12 if you are paid weekly. Now, if there are question feel free to set up and appointment by contacting me at (302) 655-0900 or by email to: garyspritz@garyspritz.com.  

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​sample expense form for alimony for divorce in delaware

Expense Form for Delaware Divorce