Not all divorces are complicated. Not all divorces are costly. Not all divorces concerns folks who have lots of assets or lots of debts or kids. Sometimes one or both spouses a short time after getting married simply realize that it is not working.  They may want to discuss a simple Delaware divorce.

Will this be expensive, no. Do you need a lawyer, not necessarily. Should you talk to a lawyer. Yes. Why? You need to make certain that what you are asking for is best for you as certain important rights are lost if not asserted before a divorce.

Moreover, a simple divorce is what often folks who have separated for years need to wrap up their affairs. After all if youo do not get divorced a separated, but not divorced spouse often can elect against your will,

Here is how I conduct a simple divorce. The first thing I do is schedule a low cost short initial consultation meeting. I tell you the cost in the call.

The pruspose of this meeting is to ensure that what you want is a divorce without raising property ( or debt) issues or alimony issues which are lost if not timely asserted.  This is quick and painless. The cost is very low. The amount of time  this will take you is not much. One thing, I assure you a consultation, informs you of your rights so that you are making the choice whether to assert them or not. It is well worth the inexpensive flat fee cost which you will know at your first call.

Then I set a fee agreement and allow you to leave with it so you can think about it.  I set the retainer low to come close to what I anticipate you will require to finish up if there are not disputes or conflicts.. Now this is  not a fixed fee as I do not know what the other side will do, but I give you a fee agreement so that you can measure for yourself what is entailed and give you enough time to read it  so you can think about whether or not you want to sign it. 

After you retain me I act promptly such as to get you your divorce quickly as I can. After all your time is valuable. You've made a choice. Let's get you there.

What I do not do is  treat you or your case as any less important than a more complicated affair, After all your life is no less important thane anyonel elses.Why should your divorce be. 

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