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Delaware in an initial child custody and visitation trial applies the " Best Interest" of the child test, which has 8 factors and is listed under 13 Del. C. Sec. 722. While there are "Contact Guidelines", unlike a Child Support case, these are not a presumption and courts are more inclined to hear your  child  or childrens' specific circumstances. Call me at (302) 655-0900 or email me at for an appointment

Delaware Child Support is typically determined by the Melson Formula. Under the Melson Formula, Child Support for a Mother or Father  depends on the parent's respective incomes and in some cases, the ability to earn income. It is the burden of the party unhappy with the application of the Melson formula to show why the Melson Formula should not apply. This can occur in high income support cases. When the Melson formula is applied,   typically only the expenses of child care, private or parochial school tuition and health  and dental insurance matter. Call me at (302) 655-0900 or email me at for an appointment

Delaware is a "No Fault" State meaning  that fault does not matter in the  Property Division  of Marital Property. In Delaware, the Court divides the property only if prior to the divorce, the Husband or Wife requests Property Division. Divorce is Delaware is typically granted without a trial and this can be as soon as 20 days after service of a Divorce Petition. So it is important that you contact a Delaware Family Lawyer as soon as you are served a Divorce Petition. I am available for consultation. Call me at (302) 655-0900 or email me at





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Delaware allows the husband or wife with lower income to request alimony on spousal support. You need to know how these are handled in a divorce. For example alimony must be requested before diovrce is granted. Spousal support ends when the divorce is final  Both depend on your expenses. Call me at (302) 655-0900 or email me at for an appointment