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Yahoo! Review
Tue 01/28/14 7:00 PM
Highly skilled. Down to earth. A winner. This is the lawyer you want representing you.

Superpages Review - cudd
Sun 08/30/09 11:39 AM
My husband and I have been with Gary for a number of years concerning custody and visitation issues with our ex's,he has been very supportive, up front and a fair attorney. No matter what our concern has been,Gary has taken the time to offer his honest opinion - good or bad.

Avvo Review 5.0 stars
Posted by Tracey December 28, 2017
From the beginning, due to the complexity of my case, Gary was honest and didn't give any false hope about the possible results of my divorce settlement. I am confident that the results was largely due to his 30+ years of knowledge and experience.
I was totally blown away each time I saw his tenacity in court!
Thank you Gary for your genuine concern about me and my family! 

Delaware Family Lawyer

Yelp Review - Jing G.
Fri 01/06/17 12:39 PM
This is a very professional lawyer. I highly recommend you to consult.